No matter what type of gas work is being carried out, whether its new boiler installation, a boiler service or a landlord safety check, it’s essential that you hire a competent, safe and skilled Gas Central Heating Engineers in Leicester. The gas we consume for residential heating and cooking must always be dealt with precautions. It is extremely flammable and has the potential to pose great damage.

All our Gas Safe engineers are on the Gas Safe Register, meaning that they have completed theoretical and practical aspects of this profession. This assures our customers that they have hired approved and qualified professionals to work with boilers, heaters, stoves as well as gas fireplaces. To be on the Gas Safe Register, these gentlemen have to follow a strict set of guidelines till they’re operational, ensuring a high level of quality with every job. Any complaint filed against them will result in their license revocation, and they have to go through the testing face all over again.

The Gas Safe Register is an online list of all qualified engineers in the UK. The register replaced CORGI as the official governing body for England, in 2009 with an updated, improved set of guidelines.

Our potential customers will enjoy the following with absolute assurances.


Gas appliances are very dangerous, and have the potential to leak CO, put an entire house on fire or explode. These risks are generally uncommon, but your chances of something going wrong become rather more likely when an unqualified worker has been on your gas appliances. These risks can occur with no warning signs, so it’s crucial that you schedule our Gas Central Heating Engineers in Leicester for the absolute safety of your belongings and loved ones.


We offer an efficient and highly professional service, so you’re satisfied whenever. However, at The Gas Safe register, they know problems can arise and sometimes customers are left unhappy with work that has been dispensed. They make it easier to report, and the problems you have got experienced, and everyone issues are resolved thoroughly. By being on the register, engineers need to co-operate with any investigations that come as a result of feedback.

Our Power Flushing Services:

To help preserve the piping wear and relieve the temperature issues in your central heating, anyone can hire quality Power Flush Services in Leicester. The winters are typically harsh in England, but it won’t bother you unless you have carefully maintained your gas heating system. As the operation involved heated water flowing through the pipes in the underground. With a seasonal use, the pipes would get enough mineral deposit to create a clog or damage the protective layer of the piping.

To avoid this particular issue, we’re offering quick and affordable Power Flush Services in Leicester that will clear all such accumulations and clear the path for the heated water to flow without any obstructing. Just contact the customer support and set an appointment right now.