Regardless of the wording used for drainage inconveniences, the situation is always nasty. Not only they depict a disgusting sight, but it also welcomes the bacteria and fills your space with unwanted odor. Among other household inconveniences, this is particularly the one which most owners would never try doing for themselves. And being inevitable, we all have experienced such filthy drainage situation in our lives. Therefore, if you feel like the drain is slowing down or suffering odor emissions, hire our professional Drainage Experts in Leicester. They will not only resolve the issue but will save you from any excess repair costs.

The reason behind such inconveniences is the disposal of unusual objects larger than the size of the pipe and other solid waste that eventually restricts the water flow. It may include a foreign object thrown accidentally, or the gunk created by grease and hair build-up. The following is a list of items to create the blockages:

Hair Buildup:

A hair build-up that’s getting down will clog your drain. Most times it’s a moderately straight forward task to remove the hair. However, if it’s not cleared up immediately – it will cause tons of problems down the road. Hair fall while showering, combing over the sink and within the restroom is one in every of the foremost common causes of blocked drains. However, while it’s a standard drawback for several owners, you could hire Blocked toilet Repair in Leicester to fix your drain and execute a durable solution.

Grease Build-up

Like hair within the restroom, grease and fat can build-up within the sink over time. These fatty substances are typically common for blocked kitchen drains and pipes and a nuisance to filter. Any grease or oily substance that’s washed down the sink can stick within the pipes and eventually build up to restrict the liquid flow forward. It’s necessary to bear in mind that this grease doesn’t leave the pipes as simply as you’d expect. Hence, hiring our Drainage Experts in Leicester regularly is the only option to relieve future troubles.


As additional folks get into the habit of confiscating toiletries down the drain, larger issues area unit being caused in our pipes and sewers. Nappies and baby wipes are the second common issue things known to blocked drains when being flushed down the bathroom. Such things become immersed with water, they absorb the wetness and enlarge, quickly obstruction access to water drains and pipes. Therefore, not practice this and if someone does, hire Blocked toilet Repair in Leicester before it’s too late.

Heavy Rain and Storms

Throughout the wet season, drains can experience floods of water as a result of significant rain. As drains aren’t designed to withstand the full impact of this weather, water build-up turns out to be common in several state capital households. The leaves, wrappers and other solid particles will flood into the drains with water and will obstruct the flow of water.

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